GPO 706 Telephone


The GPO 706 table telephone was introduced in 1959 as the 'Modern Telephone' replacing the heavier traditional bakelite phones. The Mark 1 version had a plasic base, whilst the Mark 2 featured a metal base but visually were identical.  There were seven colours available for rental by GPO subscribers, these were black, concord blue, lacquer red, topaz yellow, ivory, two-tone green and two-tone grey.  

The rotary dial on the Mark 1 variant was chrome, similar to its Bakelite predecessor, but the second version featured dials which were colour matched to the body of the telephone.  Instead of the numerals being integrated into the dial, they were shown as an 'A-B-C 1-2-3' on the outer ring which surrounded the dial with chevron (pointers) visible within the finger ports.  The most common variants of the GPO 706 are 706CB, 706L, 706F & 706R.