GPO 722 Trimphone


First introduced by the GPO in 1964, the 712 Trimphone (TRIM being an acronym of 'tone ringing illuminated model') was available in a choice of three colours: two-tone blue, green or grey. An upgraded version was issued in 1966 as the 722 with a push-button pulse dial version being labelled a 766 in 1976 with the tone dial (MF) version introduced in 1979 as the GPO 786.

With the limited range of telephones available within the UK, the trimphone was always the more adventurous, with a limited edition Silver Jubilee version introduced in 1977 and three leather-clad versions - the 'Deltaphone' - available in mid-brown, red or green leather released in 1980.

The final generation of trimphones was created in 1982 with an innovative plan to recycle old telephones; British Telecom worked with Lord Snowdon to design a vibrant range of coloured trimphones known as 'Phoenixphones' - these were effectively old ex-rental trimphones with new casings in an exciting range of modern designer-friendly colours. These were sold through BT's new high street shops and were not available as rental telephones.