GPO Brown 746 Telephone Case Shell


The replacement brown GPO 746 telephone case shell is an ideal replacement for damaged or discoloured GPO 746 and BT 8746 cases. The case sets are available in a choice of six colours – black, brown, ivory, lacquer red, two-tone green and topaz yellow.

With the removal of the dial outer ring and the addition of the 10 or 12 button bezel (available separately), this case can also be used a replacement for GPO 756, BT 8756, GPO 758, GPO 764, GPO 772 X-Press Call Maker, GPO 782 and BT 8782 telephones.

The brown 746 (8746) telephone was introduced by British Telecommunications PLC in 1982 and the colour is often confused with the more common elephant grey. If ordering brown items, please ensure you don’t need elephant grey instead!

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