GPO Light Grey Trimphone PSTN Line Cable (722-786)


A replacement light grey trimphone PSTN line cable, available in a choice of four standard colours (black, concord blue, lacquer red and light grey), the 2.3M replacement telephone line cable is compatible with all 700 series GPO/BT trimphone telephones.  Because of the generic grey colour, this line cable is suitable for use with many variants of the trimphone range.

Each PSTN cable terminates in four spade terminals with a small square grooved rubber grommet fitting to hold it firmly in place to the trimphone telephone chassis and a BT 431A plug & socket fitting.  We also stock the corresponding PSTN line cable in the same colour.

This trimphone line cable is NOT designed for use with GPO/BT 706, 711, 741 or 746 telephones, these PSTN line cables are available separately.

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